Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Migrant arrival records 2011

Well it looks like summer is well on it's way with the first sightings of migrants coming in.
If you have any additional information please email andy_ruffle@yahoo.co.uk

Barn Swallow
20th October- Good numbers now arriving at Umzumbe roost ( Andrew Pickles)
Black Cuckoo
6th November- Heard calling at Umbambazi NR (club outing)
Common Greenshank
24th September- 1 seen at the Umzumbe River Estuary (Andy Ruffle)
Common Sandpiper
21st August- 1 seen Riverbend Crocodile Farm (Andy Ruffle, Andrew Pickles)
Diederik Cuckoo
2nd October- 1 heard Umzumbe floodplain (Andy Ruffle, Andrew Pickles) 
Lesser Striped-Swallow
12th August- seen at Sea Park (Andy Ruffle) and lots seen at Umzumbe (Andrew Pickles)
Red-chested Cuckoo
9th October- heard at Rodney Miles farm, Harding by attendees
Violet-backed Starling
23rd October- 1 seen at Umbogavango NR (Club outing) 
Wood Sandpiper
2nd October- 1 seen at the Umzumbe River Estuary (Sandy Olver)
Yellow-billed Kite
4th August- Upper Melville (Davina Campbell).
6th August- about 12.30pm soaring over Durban's spaghetti interchange (Peter Vos)
9th August- 1 bird at Umzumbe (Andy Ruffle & company), plus 1 bird at Umtentweni (Trish & Graham McGill).
10th August- 1 bird at Scottburgh (Ronny Seymour).
11th August- seen at Tala Game Reserve (Nigel Anderson)

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