Saturday, 1 January 2011

Buff-spotted Flufftail 22nd June 2010

Whilst gently relaxing on my stoop today, I suddenly heard a commotion coming from the kitchen. Concerned that the dogs were up to no good, or even worse, monkeys, I rushed to see what on earth was going on. To my utter surprise, there on the windowsill was a poor Buff-spotted Flufftail desperately trying to make an escape. Never thought I'd get a lifer in my kitchen!!!!
(Photos Andy Ruffle unless otherwise credited)

And here's Howard's flufftail (Photo Howard Kelly?)


  1. Lennart Eriksson commented on 23rd June 2010

    I am MADLY jealous! A Flufftail in the hand is worth .......
    Lennart and Evelyn

  2. Howard Kelly commented on 25th June 2010

    Hi Andy,
    Such an incredible coincidence with your latest edition to your garden list ! I am currently hosting the Howard ...... family from Gauteng who are avid twitchers. They arrived on Monday evening 4.30pm and as they were getting out of the car in my drive along came Spooks our snow white cat to greet them with “yes you guessed it” a buff spotted fluff tail in her mouth !! You can imagine the excitement a “lifer” for some. Fortunately Spooks is missing important teeth thanks to a car accident so the Fluff tail was unharmed and released. Grace and I have been hearing the Fluff Tails every evening and I think given the wettest summer in 64 years they have clearly bred very well and are now more visible especially with winter setting in. Southbroom is thus currently HQ Fluff Tail !! Terry Mitchell has also been seeing the same Narina Trogon in the same place nearly every day for the last 10 days and we had 12 Gypos hatching last week so clearly lots of bird activity at the moment.