Thursday, 24 March 2011

Southport Swallow roost alive and well!!

by Andy Ruffle

Mike, John and I have just returned from the Southport swallow roost, where we were treated to a wonderful display of Barnies as they prepared for the night.
Swallows gradually started appearing in the vicinity of the roost around 1800 and had soon amassed into a swarm of literally thousands of birds, circling high over the area.

As the light faded the spectacle began. Wave after wave of birds spiralled into the reedbeds, each bird scrabbling for it's one little piece of space for the night. While all this was happening, a lone Spotted Eagle Owl could be seen hawking over the reeds.

What an amazing sight to round off the day.
And we thought it was all over! Well the fat lady hasn't sung yet obviously.

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