Friday, 1 June 2012

Red-headed Quelea- What to look for this winter

Red-headed Queleas were identified as being present on the South Coast by Stan Culley in 2006.Not previously recorded in this area and only present during winter, Stan was able to capture this series of photos showing the various phases of moult from non-breeding to breeding plumage.
Mike Fagan has already initiated a ringing project, so if you see these birds using your bird feeder please contact him on 039 681 3560. It will be interesting to discover where these birds spend the summer and if they return to the same location here in winter.

Male, non-breeding with reddish wash on face
Male, non-breeding has a reddish wash on the face.
Females, non-breeding with the yellow face wash.

Various stages of moult.

Male. Partial moult into breeding plumage.

Male attaining full breeding plumage.
Bird in partial moult background.

Male in breeding plumage.
As soon as they reach this stage
the birds depart for breeding grounds.

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  1. Great series of photos! I have linked to this page in the BirdForum wiki