Saturday, 23 July 2011

'The Beach Book' launched 23rd July 2011

Jerry Gosnell & his wife
(Photo Andy Ruffle)
Trogons member Jerry Gosnell's new book 'The Beach Book' was launched at Ramsgate Stationers on 23rd July 2011.

This delightful pocket-size (A6) guide to the common plants on the dunes and the seaweed of rock pools along the east coast of South Africa.
published by the Flora & Fauna Publications Trust.
The Rear and Fore dune plants section will particularly appeal to folk living just behind the dunes and battling with rehabilitation and gardening.
A smorgasbord of flora from beach dune to coastal forest covers dune scrub, grasses, the colourful Marguerite, Vygies, Gazania and many more, to creepers and the magnificent coastal aloes & Kniphofia, shrubs, the renowned Natal Wild Banana and the hardy coastal trees including the beautiful Coastal Redmilkwood, the Natal Guarrie and the Lagoon Hibiscus.
Seaweeds: An exciting range of the Green, Brown and Red seaweeds covering the Sub-Tidal fringe (below Low Water Spring Tide), through Lower, Mid and Upper Inter-tidal zones
to High Water Spring Tide. The role of seaweeds in the marine environment is well covered as is their reproduction and uses.
Great pleasure is to be had identifying seaweeds whilst precariously balancing on the edge of a pool ...!

Size : 152 pages : 148mm x 105mm in portrait : 150grams
ISBN no.978-0-620-50296-2

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