Saturday, 30 July 2011

Photos from Mountain Sanctuary Park, NWP

Text & photos by Andy Ruffle

On a recent trip to the Northwest Province I found a delightful private reserve called the Mountain Sanctuary Park.
The scenery is stunning and there are some nice walking trails.
Birding looks as though it could be pretty interesting, with many photo opportunities available from the camp area alone- see photos below.
The park offers chalets, log cabins and camping, all located in the same area. The campsite does have electricity. Prices are very comparable to those at Mkhuze.
This has alot of potential for a club 'weekend away', so watch this space.

Fountain pools

below fountain pools

impressive rock formations

Baboon Rock..wonder why they call it that?

more unusual rock formations

what a vista!!

Aloe peglerae are found throughout the park

And the bird photos taken rather hastily at the camp, so given more time.

Southern Boubou
(Subspp transvaalensis)

Fiscal Flycatcher
(Subspp possibly lawsoni)

White-throated Robin-chat

Bar-throated Apalis
(Subspp flaviventris)

Crested Barbet

Kurrichane Thrush
(Subspp libonyanus)

Kurrichane Thrush
(Subspp libonyanus)

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