Sunday, 2 October 2011

Outing report- 2nd October 2011 Bird ringing at Umzumbe floodplain

Eric Kok and Len Thonell (behind) carrying bagged birds

Attendees:-  Andrew Pickles, Liz Blomeyer, Mike Fagan, Bradley, Christine & Eric Kok, Sandy Olver, Andy Ruffle, Len Thonell (9 attendees)

Despite a rather dodgy forecast the weather turned out to be perfect for today's ringing session. Light to no wind and cloud cover meant the birds were active throughout the morning.
This did, however, mean we were kept constantly on our toes with what seemed like an endless stream of bags coming to the ringing table. Andrew was kept busy processing the birds, while Mike assisted by removing birds from the mist nets.
In total, 68 birds were processed (about three got away before being bagged), including one re-capture of a Cape Weaver. This bird (ring no. CV34528) was previously ringed as an adult by Andrew on 5th June 2010 at Wozani, just a kilometre or so away.
The breakdown of species was as follows:- 27 x Fan-tailed Widow; 18 x Cape Weaver; 8 x Yellow Weaver; 3 x Rufous-winged Cisticola; 3x Cape White-eye and 1 of each of Cape Wagtail, Red-collared Widow, Spectacled Weaver, African Stonechat, Amethyst Sunbird, Olive Sunbird and Yellow-fronted Canary.
It is interesting to note that the Cape Weaver has only recently moved into the area where we were ringing (within the last couple of years) and seems to have replaced the Village Weaver, which used to be common there.
Once again a fascinating and educating morning was had by all.
We are hoping to have a regular monthly ringing session with Andrew at various locations locally. See the outings schedule for dates and venues.
Below are a few highlight photos. Other photos will be added to the various species posts. I will add a link to the species breakdown list as the photos are put on the blog.

male African Stonechat

male Fan-tailed Widow

un-sexed Cape Wagtail

un-sexed Olive Sunbird

male Amethyst Sunbird

male Amethyst Sunbird

male Red-collared Widow

All photos by Andy Ruffle

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  1. You get such great birds in your nets there! Very exciting.... I hope I will be able to visit you one day and go ringing with you.