Wednesday, 25 January 2012

First Barry Porter Memorial Trophy Winner

Andy presents Elaine Whitham with the
Barry Porter Memorial Trophy at the 2012 AGM
(Photo Ron Whitham)
The 2011 committee have come up with a fitting tribute to our former Chairman, the 'Barry Porter Memorial Trophy'.
The trophy will be presented at consecutive Annual General Meetings. The criteria for being nominated for this award will be very broad, but will most likely be restricted to club members only.
At the AGM held on 21st January 2012 at Sapper's Glen, Elaine Whitham was awarded the trophy for 2012 for her outstanding contribution to the club.
Elaine has worked wonders with sorting out the clubs outings venue contact details and her organising skills for the Away Trips and End of Year function made them truly memorable occassions. An example of the way Elaine always goes that little bit further, was when she and Ron diverted into Rhodes, whilst on one of their trips, just to do a recky for our planned Rhodes excursion. She was able to meet the owners of the Hotel face-to-face and the rest is history.

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