Thursday, 2 February 2012

Harlequin Quail at Umzumbe

by Andy Ruffle

male Harlequin Quail
Umzumbe Floodplain 1st Feb 2012
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

This male Harlequin Quail was a nice surprise when it appeared in the nets during a Barn Swallow ringing session with Andrew P on Wednesday 1st February. It wasn't until checking the fieldguide that the relevance of this sighting became apparent. As you can see from the SABAP2 distribution map below, this bird is way out of it's normal range and hasn't been reported this far south before.

SABAP2 distribution map for Harlequin Quail
(Image SABAP2)

References: SABAP2; Roberts Online

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  1. A Limpopo escapee - send him back :-) A great catch for sure!