Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Outing report- 1st April 2012 Mpenjati Nature Reserve

Attendees: Stan & Val Culley, Clive Edmundson, Mike Fagan, John Marchant, Andy Ruffle, Bob & Hazel van Rooyen. (8 attendees)

Not a wonderful turnout for this mornings visit, which was probably due to an unfavourable weather forecast.
Birding was reasonable with a good complement of six hirundine species. The odd Cape Gannet was seen soaring along the backline, whilst the strangest sight must have been a Speckled Pigeon (Rock Pigeon) foraging on the beach.
It was nice to see Clive after such a long absence. This was also John Marchant's last outing before heading back to Ireland. We look forward to seeing him back next year for our Summer trip away.

Birds recorded: Olive Sunbird, Red-capped Robin-Chat, Sombre Greenbul, Green-backed Camaroptera, Hadeda Ibis, Red-eyed Dove, Fork-tailed Drongo, White-rumped Swift, Amethyst Sunbird, Black Saw-wing, Dark-capped Bulbul, Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, Speckled Mousebird, Bronze Mannikin, Cape White-eye, Black-collared Barbet, Yellow Weaver, African Palm-swift, Yellow-throated Longclaw, Blacksmith Lapwing, Barn Swallow, Brown-throated Martin, White-throated Swallow, Kelp Gull, White-breasted Cormorant, African Pied Wagtail, Knysna Turaco, Common Sandpiper, Pied Kingfisher, Cape Gannet, Speckled Pigeon, Swift Tern, Water Thick-knee, Egyptian Goose, White-fronted Plover, Black-headed Oriole, Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Yellow-fronted Canary, African Dusky Flycatcher, African Paradise-Flycatcher. (40 species)

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