Saturday, 12 May 2012

WMBD Talk 12th May 2012 report back

By Andy Ruffle

Guest speaker Andrew Pickles
(Photo Doug Butcher)

Birdlife Trogons celebrated World Migratory Bird Day 2012 with a fascinating talk by guest speaker Andrew Pickles.
Andrew's presentation enlightened the audience on the various types of migrants and some of the amazing journeys these birds embark on twice a year. The importance of bird ringing to help determine the movements of migrants was also covered, along with the various other methods now used to track the birds.
If you missed the talk this time, we will hopefully be able to repeat it for next year's WMBD. It's certainly well worth attending.

Watch this space for more interesting talks coming up. 

(Photo Andy Ruffle)

(Photo Doug Butcher)

Many thanks go to the Port Shepstone Methodist Church for allowing us to use this ideal venue.

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