Sunday, 17 June 2012

**UPDATED** Keep our beaches clean and save a life!

Lennart Eriksson has sent through this very disturbing photo of a Swift Tern which became entangled in fishing line on the beach. This is becoming an all too familiar sight as some irresponsible fishermen leave line laying around. So next time you're having a stroll along the beach, please take a carrier bag with you and let's clean up this mess and potentially save a bird's life.

Another problem arises when birds go for bait when fishermen are casting out. The bird gets hooked through the beak and many fishermen are not familiar with how to de-hook the bird. The following poster shows step-by-step how to safely handle a seabird and remove a hook from the beak.

You can download a poster sized version by clicking here.
Download a copy of an article published in the Fever newspaper by clicking here.

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