Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When the Barn Swallow is away

So we all wondered what the Barn Swallows get up to when they are away for our winter. Well, Gary & Wendy Holburn can now give us a bit of insight. Gary sent this picture and story.

These Barn Swallows have chosen an unusual nesting site
(Photo Gary Holburn)

‘’We were having breakfast at Torview B&B, Lyne Station, just outside of Peebles in the Scottish Borders area and noticed these barn swallows entering in and out of this "hole" edifice in the wall of the B&B we were at, taking in mud and back again.
I fetched the camera and Wendy was chatting to our host with breakfast all laid out for us and our host, Arran Waddell, said  ‘goodness that is her fume extractor from her kitchen’. That is why the birds are hovering, wondering why suddenly the wind is blowing !!!
Could not see any sign of a ring on their legs, but who knows where they will be later in the year ?
Amazing to even think they move so far and wide !!’’

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