Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Help save The Tana River Delta in Kenya

Dear friends at Birdlife, please could you consider signing and promoting a growing global petition regarding the pending /proposed development of the Tana River Delta in Kenya? The Tana River Delta in Kenya has vast importance to birds that migrate from Europe and Asia and I am concerned that the Delta is at threat from foreign companies taking over land for dubious agricultural schemes. In particular, the Canadian company Bedford Biofuels licenced to grow the biofuel crop Jatropha Curcas which in the Nature Kenya & RSPB's view would have a devastating impact on the environment and biodiversity in the area.

If you agree would you please sign and promote the following global community petition and help raise awareness and pressure on the Kenyan government?.......

If you could also pass this link to the petition to as many contacts as possible to help the campaign or add a link to your website that would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Dave Scott
RSPB member
Scotland UK

Cape Parrot Big Birding Day 2012 official report

The official report for this year's CPBBD has been published by Prof Colleen Downs.
To download a copy click here.