Monday, 29 October 2012

Outing report- 28th October 2012 Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

Attendees:- Doug & Angie Butcher, Irma Smook, Hazel Parry, Margaret Jones, Stan & Val Culley,  Tracy Kelly, Nick & Rina Theron, Caryl Lowe, Eric Kok. (12 attendees)

Birds recorded:- Pin-tailed Whydah ,  Red-collared Widowbird , White-necked Raven , Yellow-billed Kite , Red-chested Cuckoo (H) , Neddicky ,  Violet-backed Starling , Black Cuckoo , Olive Sunbird , Fan-tailed Widowbird , Common Waxbill , Red-winged Starling , Black-bellied Starling , Buff-spotted Flufftail (H) , Hadeda Ibis , Crowned Hornbill , Trumpeter Hornbill , Black-headed Oriole ,  Southern Boubou , Knysna Turaco , Yellow-fronted Canary , Red-eyed Dove , Tambourine Dove , Spur-winged Goose , Grey Crowned Crane , African Palm-Swift , Fork-tailed Drongo , African Dusky Flycatcher , Dark-capped Bulbul , Southern Black Flycatcher , Lesser Honeyguide , Black-backed Puffback , Cape Batis , Southern Grey-headed Sparrow , Yellow-throated Longclaw , African Harrier-Hawk, African Black Swift , Sombre Greenbul , Green-backed Camaroptera , Dark-backed Weaver , Cape White-eye , Greater Double-collared Sunbird , Amethyst Sunbird , Tawny-flanked Prinia , African Emerald Cuckoo (H) , Spectacled Weaver , Red-capped Robin-Chat , Buzzard Sp, Knysna Woodpecker. (50 species)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Outing report- 14th October 2012 Empisini Nature Reserve

Attendees : Eric Kok; Andrew Pickles; Stanley & Asothie Gengan; Irma Smook; Doug & Angie Butcher; Stan & Val Culley; Caryl Lowe. (10 attendees) 
Birds recorded:- Hamerkop,  Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike,  Lesser Striped Swallow,  Burchell’s Coucal, Hadeda Ibis,  African Goshawk,  Village Weaver,  Olive Sunbird,  Cape White-eye, Dark-capped Bulbul,  Black-backed  Puffback,  African  Paradise-Flycatcher,  Common Myna, Square-tailed Drongo,  Fork-tailed Drongo,  Little Rush-Warbler,  Red-eyed Dove, Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird,  Purple-crested Turaco,  Sombre Greenbul,  Yellow Weaver, Dark-backed Weaver,  Thick-billed Weaver,  Georgeous Bush-Shrike (H),  Narina Trogon (H), Tambourine Dove,  Scaley-throated Honeyguide (H),  Golden-tailed Woodpecker,  Cattle Egret, Yellow-bellied Greenbul,  Black-headed Oriole,  Olive Thrush,  Blacksmith Lapwing, Red-capped Robin-Chat,  Tawny-flanked Prinia,  Black-collared Barbet,  Green Malkoha (H), Bar-throated Apalis,  Black-bellied Starling,  Yellow-billed Kite,  Spur-winged Goose, Egyptian Goose,  Wood Sandpiper,  Southern Grey-headed Sparrow,  Pied Crow, Mountain Wagtail,  Brown-throated Martin,  Red-fronted Tinkerbird,  Grey Waxbill, Knysna Turaco,  Speckled Mousebird,  Brown Scrub-Robin,  Green Wood-Hoopoe, Grey Sunbird,  White-bellied Sunbird,  Amethyst Sunbird,  Natal Spurfowl,  Brimstone Canary, Yellow-fronted Canary,  Southern Boubou,  Woolly-necked Stork,  Southern Red Bishop, Bronze Mannikin,  Fan-tailed Widowbird,  Long-crested Eagle,  African Crowned Eagle, African Fish-Eagle,  Black-chested Snake-Eagle,  Lesser Honeyguide. (69 species)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

John Marchant (Irish John) 8th January 1942 - 2nd October 2012

Rhodes 2011
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

Rhodes 2011
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

Rhodes 2011
(Photo Val Culley)

We were sad to hear of the untimely passing of John Marchant (aka Irish John).
John was always a bundle of fun when he came over to visit Mike and join us on our outings.
He will be greatly missed, especially by his life long friend Mike Fagan.
Although not an official member of the club, John became a welcome part of the family.
Mike arranged for a Sunday Mass on 7th October, dedicated to John, at the Sea Park Catholic Church .