Saturday, 16 February 2013

E-book - Cranes of South Africa published

South Africa has three crane species - the Blue, Grey Crowned and Wattled Crane.  All are threatened, especially the Wattled Crane, which is listed as Critically Endangered in South Africa.  These elegant birds grace the country’s grasslands and wetlands but their numbers in many places have declined dramatically.  Discover these three spectacular cranes and find out about the various threats they face.  We also track the excellent work done by entities such as the Endangered Wildlife Trust, KZN Crane Foundation, Johannesburg Zoo and others in ensuring a future for these three iconic species. 

Foreword by Kerryn Morrison, Manager: African Crane Conservation Programme.  Chock-full of beautiful, quality photographs of South African cranes taken over several years by Jock Tame, this book celebrates these majestic birds and will delight any bird enthusiast and nature lover.  

Your purchase will contribute to the conservation of these threatened birds. An amount of ZAR 20 from every book sold will be donated to both the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s African Crane Conservation Programme and Karkloof Conservancy, organizations working to conserve these birds and ensure that they will be here for future generations to see and marvel at.
Cost: ZAR 70

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