Thursday, 18 April 2013

Call to report sightings of Swift Terns with rings

This message from the University of Cape Town.

We are a team from the University of Cape Town studying the southern African population of Swift Terns. During April 2013, we ringed 500 chicks on Robben Island with inscribed color-rings and metal rings in order to better understand their dispersal and changes in population numbers. With your help, we will be able to estimate survival, dispersal and movement patterns in this species. Any reports of color-ringed Swift Terns (dead or alive) are crucial to this program and to the conservation of seabirds. If you are willing to help, please reply or report any ringed bird to our team at: swift.terns@

 In your report please note:
 1) Location of birds as accurately as possible (GPS if possible).
 2) Date and time of sighting.
 3) Color of the ring.
 4) Characters on the ring, e.g. A7 (majority of rings are top-down and all are on the right leg).
 5) Age class (immature or adult).
 6) Number of metal ring (if found dead).
 Ring colors are: - Yellow with black text; - White with black text;  - Green with white text;
 - Blue with white text
 Thank you for your help!
 The Swift Tern Team
 PS. Some letters are missing from the colour ring codes; they are:  D, F, G, I, M, O, Q, V, W
 Assoc. Prof. Peter Ryan
 pryan31@gmail. com
 Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
 University of Cape Town
 Rondebosch 7701
 South Africa
 Phone +27-21-6502966
 Fax +27-21-6503295
 http://www.fitzpatr za/

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