Sunday, 12 May 2013

Outing report- 12th May 2013 NPC Oribi (Simuma) Conservancy

(Photo Andy Ruffle)
Attendees: Doug & Angie Butcher, Stan & Val Culley, Andy Ruffle, Bob & Hazel van Rooyen (7 attendees)

An unusually low turnout from members for today’s outing, which was probably due to the bad weather the day before. However, the morning broke with not a cloud in the sky and no wind.
As normal, birding was very good even though we could not manage to cross the river again.
The majority of birds recorded were actually seen for a change. Stan witnessed a poor Yellow-fronted Canary being snapped up by a Little Sparrowhawk, not an everyday sighting.

This unusual spider web in the shape of a dish intrigued us.
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

Another glorious winter's day in Africa
(Photo Andy Ruffle)
The local Zebra kept a watchful eye on us.
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

Birds recorded: White-necked Raven, Yellow-fronted Canary, African Hoopoe, Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Dark-capped Bulbul, Red-winged Starling, Cape Starling, Spectacled Weaver, African Pied Wagtail, Hamerkop, Southern Grey-headed Sparrow, Black-collared Barbet, African Dusky Flycatcher, Common Fiscal, Red-eyed Dove, Green-backed Camaroptera, Chinspot Batis, Fork-tailed Drongo, Sombre Greenbul, Tawny-flanked Prinia, Trumpeter Hornbill, Cape White-eye, Black-headed Oriole, Southern Boubou, Natal Spurfowl, White-browed Scrub-Robin, Hadada Ibis, Cape Robin-Chat, Green Wood-Hoopoe, Black-bellied Starling, Neddicky, Olive Sunbird, Little Sparrowhawk, White-bellied Sunbird, Village Weaver, Dark-backed Weaver, African Firefinch, African Fish-Eagle, Red-capped Robin-Chat, Greater Double-collared Sunbird, Golden-tailed Woodpecker, Common Waxbill, Yellow Weaver, Speckled Mousebird, Ashy Flycatcher, Crowned Hornbill, Burchell's Coucal, African Green-Pigeon, Golden-breasted Bunting, Southern Black Flycatcher, Orange-breasted Bushshrike, Knysna Turaco, Grey Cuckooshrike, Southern Black Tit, Bar-throated Apalis, Bronze Mannikin, Red-throated Wryneck, Crowned Eagle, Red-fronted Tinkerbird, Black-backed Puffback, Pied Crow. (61 species)

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