Friday, 31 January 2014

Munster to Leisure Bay leg of Shorebird Count 31st Jan 2014

By Andy Ruffle

Counters- Doug & Angie Butcher, Andy Ruffle. (Lift shuttle provided by Vic Neilsen)

Vic dropped us off at Munster Beach, where we were greeted by the sight of a pod of +/- 50 dolphins cruising behind the breakers. Quite unusual for this time of year, Vic commented. African Fish-Eagle, Pied Kingfisher and Egyptian Goose were noted at the mouth of the Kandandlovu River. Further down the beach we stumbled upon what appeared to be an old rusty boiler.

Part of wreckage of MV Nightingale
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

This was infact part of the wreckage of the MV Nightingale, which sank off the coast in 1933.
Subsequent storms and high tides have gradually deposited various parts of the vessel on the beach and rocks. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find out anymore about the ship.

Angie & Doug Butcher
(Photo Andy Ruffle)

It wasn't until reaching Glenmore Beach that we saw our first true waders. Three White-fronted Plover scurried along the waterline. Water Thick-knee, Rock Hyrax a plenty and Rock Agama were also seen here.

White-fronted Plover
(Photo Doug Butcher)
Water Thick-knee
(Photo Doug Butcher)
 Rock Hyrax
(Photo Doug Butcher)
Andy & Angie
(Photo Doug Butcher)

After well deserved Ice Cream treats at Glenmore, our final walk took us to the delightful Kidd's Beach at Leisure Bay, where we were picked up by Vic and whisked back to his place for a wonderful braai.

(Photo Andy Ruffle)

What a thoroughly enjoyable day. The survey was a good excuse to explore and appreciate some of our beautiful beaches.
For the results from the south coast survey click here.

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