Monday, 16 June 2014

Black Stork makes a Youth Day appearance

Whilst escorting a group at the Oribi vulture colony on Monday (Youth Day), we noticed a large bird join the thermal being used by some 20 Cape Vultures. It was quickly identified as a Black Stork. This is a nice visitor to see in our neck of the woods.
We will be keeping a close eye out to see whether there are any signs of nesting by the stork.

Black Stork riding the thermal
(Photo Adeline Mccarter)

Spotted Thick-knee were also seen during this visit. Another bird not often seen in our South Coast region.

Some other good news from the vulture colony is that 30 vulture nests have been counted, just on the cliffs that are visible where we normally stand. This is the highest number so far recorded and is just a small part of the cliff face on which they nest.

There will be a full census done this month, hopefully, so it will interesting to see the total tally. We will keep you posted.

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