Monday, 2 June 2014

Third Oribi tagged vulture found electrocuted

By Andy Ruffle

The farmer with Sascha's remains
(Photo- name not supplied)

Sadly, we have to report that Sascha (N110) has been found electrocuted in the Eastern Cape.
She is now the third of five juvenile Cape Vultures, which were satellite tagged at the Oribi colony in February 2013, to succumb to electrocution (or collision) by electric pylons.

The fact that 60% of the satellite tagged birds have perished within just 18 months is now very worrying.
These are just the casualties that we are aware of. How many more vultures are being killed and going unreported, is the big question?

Although Eskom have made a commitment to address this tragic situation, it appears that action cannot come soon enough.

This latest incident highlights, once again, the huge importance of the successful breeding colony at Oribi.
Let's hope that the future of the two remaining vultures, Jo (N101) and Heidi (N103), is more promising.

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