Sunday, 15 March 2015

'Booby' the Red-footed Booby not ready to go

On Saturday 7th March, Michelle Pearson, from Second Chance Avian Rescue, attempted to release the Red-footed Booby which had arrived with them at the end of December 2014.

Michelle with 'Booby'

S.C.A.R received a call from concerned Uvongo residents when they spotted this Red-footed Booby high up in a tree in their garden and seemed to have an injured wing. They finally managed to get him down and took him to the Vet for x-rays. Fortunately the wing was not broken but had an infection in the joint, which was expected to heal on it's own.
After some long-term antibiotic treatment, the infection in the soft tissue surrounding the bones of her wing joint is healing nicely according to another x-ray done. Treatment is continuing with antibiotics until the infection has cleared up completely. She is maintaining good health and a normal weight of just over 1kg.

'Booby', as she is affectionately known, was taken to the local beach on Saturday.
She attempted a few wing flaps and take-off runs, but just wasn't ready to venture out into the big wide world yet.

Michelle Pearson is doing an amazing job with the birds she receives, so if you would like to help out with the costs of food etc, please do contact her on:

Cell: 083 246 6765

Article drawn from  the S.C.A.R facebook group
Photos copyright Hazel van Rooyen

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