Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Exciting News! Barn Swallow recapture Z215476

Andrew Pickles was very excited recently when, during one of his regular bird ringing sessions at the Umzumbe roost, he captured a Barn Swallow which had already been ringed.  He could immediately see from the ring engraving that it had originated in the United Kingdom and has just received official confirmation from the British Trust for Ornithology that a Mike Haigh ringed this Barn Swallow as a 6 day old chick in horse stables at Llanfechain, in Powys, Wales in the United Kingdom on 24 June 2015.  

Mike Haigh was also thrilled, calling it the Holy Grail for bird ringers to have one of their swallows turn up in South Africa, something they always dreamed of.  Next year he will be particularly vigilant to see if the bird returns and he will keep Andrew informed. 

Just to imagine  - this tiny bundle of feathers followed its innate instincts to fly all the way to our neck of the woods.  We know this happens but to have our own proof gives me, for one, goose-bumps!

Congratulations and well done Andrew on all the effort you put into this project.

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