Sunday, 1 May 2016

BIRD RINGING REPORT - iGwalagwala Top Forest with Andrew Pickles - 1 May 2016

iGwalagwala Forest (Top section)

Birds ringed: 13;  species: 6                                          Text & Photographs: Hazel van Rooyen

Following a rainy Saturday Andrew, Ivan and Liz bravely set up the nets in the forest before dawn on Sunday morning.  Stars were shining in the sky but a wide bank of cloud hung menacingly out to sea.  However, as the day awakened, birds started singing and layers of jackets got discarded.  A fascinated group of 15 people looked on while Andrew and his crew worked their magic, ringing 13 birds overall – not bad considering the sudden onslaught of wintry weather. 

Getting down to business
Andrew points out the yellow pectoral tufts to keen photographers
And it was an interesting catch of little characters. 
Terrestrial Brownbul
The Terrestrial Brownbull was a recapture and amusingly vocal.  On later inspection of his records Andrew realised this was the bulbul’s fourth recapture since first being ringed in July 2011, again in September 2012, March 2013, August 2014 and today.  No wonder he objected so much! 

Red-capped Robin-Chat
One of the Red-capped Robin-Chats was first captured in May 2006 as a 6-12month immature bird, then in July 2013 and again today. An interesting fact according to Roberts is that the oldest recording of a Red-capped Robin-Chat is 11 years and today Andrew’s was 10 years – Go Andrew!  Also, no recoveries of ringed Red-capped Robin-Chats have ever been made away from ringing sites.   

Lemon Dove
Green-backed Cameroptera
Olive Sunbird

The Lemon Dove was also a 3-time capture - March 2013, July 2013 and today.  Likewise the Green-backed Cameroptera – March 2014, August 2014 and today.  An Olive Sunbird had previously been ringed in February 2014.

The brilliant male Collared Sunbird

Thankyou Andrew, Liz and Ivan for another interesting day of bird ringing, followed by the wonderful hospitality at your home overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Species ringed:
Red-caped Robin Chat (4)
Terrestrial Brownbull (1)
Green-backed Cameroptera (3)
Olive Sunbird (3)
Lemon Dove (1)
Collared Sunbird (M) (1)
All photographs property of Hazel van Rooyen

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