Sunday, 12 June 2016

Trogons Outing Report - Bushbuck Trail, Southbroom, 12 June 2016

Text: Val Culley
Attendees: Stan & Val Culley, Doug & Angie Butcher, Stanley & Asothie Gengan, Clive & Margie Cowan, Ron & Elaine Whitham
Ten folk turned out on Sunday morning at Southbroom and even though there weren’t the usual number of birds (39 species recorded) we had a nice time.  The weather wasn’t too cold as there was no wind and quite sunny at times.

Before breakfast we walked right through the forest and into the small reserve just over the road. That was quiet though and with the stream being totally dry there weren’t as many birds around as usual.   

While we were sat having coffee  a huge flock of Trumpeter Hornbills flew overhead – there must have been 60+ – tried to count them but had to give up! 
Breakfast-time (Photo: Doug Butcher)

White-fronted Plovers (Photo: Stan Culley)

After our break we went across the golf course to the beach but didn’t walk as far along as to the viewing deck.  On the beach White-fronted Plovers were taking a break on the rocks instead of their usual scurryings.  Stan pointed out that both birds are in breeding plumage, the one of the left probably being the male.  But this is quite a variable species with five races being recognized so can look different again in other parts of Southern Africa. 

Doug & Angie and Clive & Margie had to leave early so there were just 6 of us for lunch which was enjoyable as usual.  

Birds recorded (39 species)

Red-capped Robin-Chat;  Hadeda Ibis;  Fork-tailed Drongo; Dark-capped Bulbul;  Golden-tailed Woodpecker;  Red-eyed Dove; Sombre Greenbul;  Olive Sunbird;  Tambourine Dove;  Egyptian Goose; Square-tailed Drongo;  Purple-crested Turaco;  Southern Boubou; Black-collared Barbet;  Dark-backed Weaver;  Ashy Flycatcher; Dusky Flycatcher;  Cape White-eye;  Black-bellied Starling; Collared Sunbird; Grey Sunbird;  Trumpeter Hornbill;  Lemon Dove; Knysna Turaco;  Amethyst Sunbird;  Red-winged Starling;  Spectacled Weaver;  Black-headed Oriole;  African Green-Pigeon; Tawny-flanked Prinia;  Bronze Mannikin;  Woolly-necked Stork; Cape Gannet;  White-fronted Plover;  Kelp Gull;  Giant Kingfisher; Blacksmith Lapwing;  African Crowned Eagle; Crowned Hornbill

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