About Us

Birdlife Trogons Bird Club is a non-profit organisation (NPO-040-174), affiliated to Birdlife South Africa, based on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Our catchment area is between Scottburgh and Port Edward, but members are welcome from any part of the world.
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MembershipThe club is membership based with a nominal joining fee*. Membership is open to everyone. For further details please see the 'Contact us' page.  Contact  vanrooyenb@worldonline.co.za for a membership form.

Activities-        Day trip outings to a wide range of local birding sites are held fortnightly (generally on Sundays) and all are welcome to join us. A list of upcoming day trips can be found under 'Outings schedule' in the posts index. 
                          Trips Away overnight trips (for members only) take place twice a year and are usually for three nights duration. Accommodation ranges from camping to chalets, where possible. Some recent exciting trips include Ndumo Game Reserve, Hlane National Park (Swaziland) and Rhodes. Some photos can be found on the 'Weekends away' posts index.
                          Talks and social evenings are held on an adhoc basis. Suggestions for these events are always welcome from our members and 'friends'.

Conservation- Cape Parrot. Trogons members participate in the annual Cape Parrot Count organised by the Cape Parrot Working Group. A nest box program is also in place.
                           Blue Swallow monitoring at the Weza breeding site is also undertaken by Trogons members. Only a small number of these birds breed in South Africa now.
                           SABAP2, the Southern Africa Bird Atlasing Project 2, provides invaluable information regarding species distribution, abundance and diversity. Data is provided by citizen scientists, with some Trogons members actively involved in collecting data.
                            IBAs, Important Bird Areas, in our area are monitored by club members during club outings. Feedback is then passed to Birdlife South Africa if necessary.
                            CWAC, Co-ordinated Waterbirds Count, takes place twice yearly (winter & summer) and aims to monitor waterbird populations in South Africa. Trogons members perform the count at Harding Dam.