Promotion of Access to Information Act. PAIA Manual

Birdlife  Trogons
A guide to accessing the information as required in terms of the
        Promotion of Access to Information Act.  PAIA.

The Bird Club,  a private juristic entity, is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation and this manual is compiled, where applicable, in terms of section 51  of the PAIA Act.

Full name :                  Birdlife Trogons

                                    A sub club of Birdlife South Africa.

Postal address :          PO Box 21605, Umtentweni, 4235.

Physical address         Available on request. (no fee)

of Chairman :           

Telephone numbers :   039 976 1869     no facsimile number

Chairman.                     mobile.  083 796 1869

E-mail address :  (Chairman)       

Website :                  

Chairman :                   Sandy Olver  (Mrs)  Email address -  see above

Secretary :                   H M van Rooyen  (Mrs)

Treasurer :                   H Nevin (Mrs)

Registered numbers :   PBO  tax exemption -  9300 14 177

                                     NPO  - 040-174

Involvement :           The Bird club is involved in the conservation and

                                 appreciation of the country’s bird life through

                                 education, publicity, field reviews and counts,

                                 identification of birding areas, gathering of scientific

                                 data and recording and reporting on findings, mainly in

                                 the KZN south coast area. All to do with bird related


Section 10 of the PAIA Act requires the South African Human Rights Commission to publish a guide containing information reasonably accessible by any person wishing to exercise or protect any right as contemplated in terms of this Act.
The guide is available for inspection, inter alia, at the offices of the Human Rights Commission in Parktown or on it’s website at .

Human Rights Commission is situated at :
29 Princess of Wales Terrace, cnr York & St Andrews Streets, Parktown, Johannesburg.

At this stage no notice has been published on the categories of records that are automatically available without a person having to request access to any information in terms of PAIA. ( Section 52(2) ).

As the Club is not a  Public or Private Company or Close Corporation, and has no employees;  records available on request, subject to approval, are not many. 

Records available are :  all are available on formal request.

The Club Constitution.  

Minutes of meetings.     

Annual financial statements.  

Accounting records, bank statements.

Taxation returns.

 Annual reports to the Department of Social Development.

 Newsletters, etc. – available automatically on identification.

 Outing notifications and reports.   Automatically available.

 Membership list. – available automatically on identification.

Procedure for requesting access to the information. ( Section 51(e).)

The procedure is set out in the Act and the necessary forms and fees payable are set out in the Act. 
The requester must complete a Form C and submit this form together with the required fee to the Chairman.
The form must provide sufficient particulars to enable the Chairman of the Club to identify the records requested and to identify the requester.

This form, Form C, is obtainable from the SA Human Rights website and/or on request from the Chairman.
If the request is made on behalf of another person, the requester must submit proof of the capacity in which the requester is making the request, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Chairman.
If the request is refused the requester has the right to contact the offices of the SA Human Rights Commission for guidance.

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  Sandy Olver,   Chairman                                                 date: 27 May 2016