Car licence stickers. 
Personalise your karretjie with this Trogons car licence sticker. Also makes an ideal gift for family and friends.
suggested donation*: R5.00 ea, or 2 for R10.00
Availability: limited stocks

Fridge magnets **NEW**
Personalise your fridge with this Trogons fridge magnet 
suggested donation*: R10.00 ea, or 2 for R20.00
Availability: limited stocks

'Please pass, bird watching' magnetic car signs
Never be tooted again, with this Trogons magnetic  car sticker.
Easily fitted and removed to clean. Order yours Today.
Suggested donation*: R50.00 ea
Availability: limited stocks

           Africa Birds & Birding used back
           issues (no longer in print)           
              Used Back issues subject to availability

            Suggested donation*: R10.00 ea
            Availability: limited stocks


**Please note that items can be collected during club outings or by alternative arrangement. P&P rates available on request.

*All proceeds go to Birdlife Trogons (NPO-040-174) unless otherwise stated.