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July 2013

04/07/2012- Mama Mia Pleasure Cruises - one African Penguin off Shelly Beach. (Photo)
03/07/2012- Mama Mia Pleasure Cruises - five African Penguins off Shelly Beach.

July 2012

01/07/2012- Geoff Nichols & Ray Furniss- Greater Flamingo, Umzumbe River Mouth (Photo)

June 2012

30/06/2012- Club- African Penguin on Shelly Beach Boat Trip
30/06/2012- Eric Kok- Cape Cormorants, Umtentweni River Mouth (Photo)
30/06/2012- Geoff Nichols- 2x Ruddy Turnstone, 8x African Black Oystercatcher at Oslo Beach
17/06/2012- Club- Brimstone Canary, Red-headed Quelea, Umzumbe Floodplain (Photos)

May 2012

20/05/2012- Club- White-starred Robin whilst ringing at Igwalagwala Forest (Photo)

April 2012

07/04/2012- Club- Spotted Ground-Thrush whilst ringing at Umzumbe (photo)

February 2012

21/02/2012- Andrew Pickles et al- Orange-breasted Waxbill whilst ringing at Umzumbe Swallow roost. (Photo)
01/02/2012- Andrew & Ivan Pickles/Andy Ruffle/Eric & Christine Kok- Harlequin Quail (Regional Rarity) whilst ringing at Umzumbe Swallow Roost. (Post & Photo)

January 2012

29/01/2012- Club- Three Southern Ground-Hornbills in-flight over Ingeli Forest. Barratt's Warblers calling througout Ingeli Forest.

December 2011

16/12/2011- Andrew & Ivan Pickles/Andy Ruffle/Liz Blomeyer- European Sedge Warbler and Garden Warbler whilst ringing at Umzumbe floodplain.

November 2011

27/11/2011- Andrew Pickles- African Finfoot and White-backed Night-Heron breeding on Umzumbe farm.

September 2011

14/09/2011- Richard Dobson- eight Marabou Storks in field opposite Trafalgar turnoff.
early- Kate Grieve- Dead African Penguin washed up on Munster Beach

August 2011

16/08/2011- Andrew Pickles- Green Twinspot and Swee Waxbill at Umzumbe
16/08/2011- Andy Ruffle- Female Green Twinspot in garden at Sea park
15/08/2011- Andy Ruffle- Male Green Twinspot in garden at Sea Park.
12/08/2011- Andrew Pickles- Lesser Striped-Swallows in numbers at Umzumbe
09/08/2011-  Mike Fagan, Eric Kok, Andy Ruffle (ringing session at Andrew & Ivan Pickles)- Yellow-billed Kite (1st of the season?)

July 2011

24/07/2011- Andy Ruffle, Doug Butcher, Mike Fagan- five Southern Ground-Hornbill N2 near Ingeli. (Photo)
02/07/2011- Ron Whitham- Red-headed Quelea in garden, Anerley.

June 2011

27/06/2011- Andy Ruffle- Sub-antarctic Skua close in at Umzumbe Beach. Also Ruddy Turnstone and plenty of Cape Gannets.
19/06/2011- (from Brian Rawlins)- unidentified Flamingo on Umtentweni Beach at 10.00am
19/06/2011- Club- Greater Flamingo and five kingfishers at Mpenjati NR (Post & Photo)
17/06/2011- Jake de Villiers- Greater Flamingo, Southbroom (Post)
15/06/2011- Andy Ruffle- Purple-banded Sunbird in garden, Sea park.

May 2011

22/05/2011- Club - White-starred Robin at Oribi Gorge
14/05/2011- Gail Winters - Crowned Eagle being dive bombed by a Drongo & Hamerkop in her garden at Ramsgate.
07/05/2011- Stacy Jones - Little Sparrowhawk in lounge, Umtentweni. (Post)
07/05/2011- Club - Black Harrier, Cape Parrot at Mpur during Parrot Count.
02/05/2011- Sandy Olver - African Spoonbill and Cape Cormorant, Umzumbe River Mouth.

February 2010

12/02/2010- Richard Dobson- single adult Greater Flamingo at Mpenjati (Photo)

May 2009

19/05/2009- Barry- Two juvenile Greater Flamingo at Umzumbe river mouth (Photo)